Video transcription

Hi! I'm Karen Rodowicz, owner of JK Flowers and I'm here to show you how to dry flowers. There's many different techniques out there but the easiest one I think of is just grabbing your flowers in a variety of different openings. You can get some buds, you can take some that are fully open and you just want to gather them up, and arrange them so they are not too tight. I like to use a rubber band 'cos it's just easy to hang but you can use some string or anything like that. I wrap it around the stems to make myself a little hook and you hang your flowers upside down in a cool, dry place. Some suggestions for these places could be the garage, your attics. Once you have dried them which could take anywhere from 4-5 weeks, you can take them out to preserve them a little bit better, you can use some hair spray or even some light paint lacquer. Spray them real lightly, give them and once over and you're good to go to arrange your dry flowers. I hope this was helpful, Karen Rodowicz, JK Flowers.