Video transcription

Hey it's Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert here and I'm going to show you how to make your iMovie continuously loop when you're playing it using QuickTime player. Now, you may want to do this if you're creating a business presentation or a slide show at a party or a party at your house or anytime you want something to loop around. Now here's the deal- is that getting it to loop is actually a function of QuickTime player itself, not necessarily iMovie but I'm going to take you through the journey just in case. Let's take a look. Alright, first thing you're going to do is create your project here, looks like a very similar project, you may have seen this one before and once we do that we're just going to simply go up here to share and now this project we're working on is not ad perfection so it's not done, but if it was I would simply click right here, export movie using QuickTime and that's the way you normally get things out of iMovie. Once it's done it will render out and become a complete QuickTime file which can be used through any other QuickTime players or exported for people to watch on QuickTime. But watch this, now I'm going to shuffle my screens over here, hey look at this, a handsome devil. We've got this here loaded up in QuickTime playing and what we're going to do now if we want this to loop and really make people sick, all we have to do is go up to view down here to loop simply by clicking that or as you can see the keyboard shortcut is going to be Command or Apple, those of you who remember Command or Apple, L. Apple L, Command L, boom you've got it to loop. So it's just as easy as exporting your project from iMovie using QuickTime conversion or QuickTime player, opening up or just getting it to play because QuickTime will launch when it sees a QuickTime file and it's easy as hitting Command L or Apple L for those of you. But that's all you have to do, it's just that easy and anything, any QuickTime file that you have that you want to see over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, you're looking at Apple L. Like me, Rokosz, your digital, your digital, your digital, lifestyle expert. We'll stream you later.