Video transcription

Ok today we are going to talk about putting air in the tires. First thing you want to make sure you know of is what the manufacturer's recommended air pressure is, which is usually located in the driver's door pillar, on the gas cap lid or in the glove compartment. If it's not in any of those places it will be in the owner's manual. And all manufacturers are going to be different. So you really want to know what the tire pressure should be. On this particular car, they want the front tires to be at thirty two pounds and the rear tires to be at twenty nine. Lets check the front one. Ok this particular tire at the moment has twelve pounds of air pressure in it. Which as you can see is extremely low. To add air pressure we are simply going to mash the throttle on it and which it allows the air to enter into the tires. You are going to stop periodically and check to see how far we go. As of right now we have roughly thirty pounds of air pressure in this tire. Which we are still a touch low. So therefore we are going to add a slight bit amount more, there's thirty two pounds of air pressure in this tire which is correct as per the manufacturers recommendation.