Video transcription

Hi, I'm Steve Anthony, I'm a handyman here in New York City. About laminate flooring problems. One of the greatest benefits to homeowners and re-modelers in recent years has been the onset of the laminate floor. This is an interlocking system of basically imitation wood planks that, very easy to put together; anybody can do them. In the old days if you wanted to have a wood floor installed in your house; it's very very difficult for homeowners to do themselves and could be very costly and the materials are extremely expensive and can be difficult to maintain. Laminate flooring, that, that's very commonly known by the brand name Pergo and some people call any laminate flooring Pergo flooring; it's sort of like Band-Aid or Jello I guess in that sense. But Pergo is just a brand name; laminate flooring is, is what Pergo flooring is. But some of the problems that can arise are, if you use them in the wrong areas; for example, certain designs of laminate floor are not made to be used in the kitchen where a lot of moisture can get into the seams and, and cause the, the underlying material to swell and split and create a very unattractive seams. It can be difficult to replace just small sections of laminate flooring; so be sure if you're, if you're remodeling or building a new home that you know exactly what the material is that's going into each area. They do make a laminate flooring that has a moisture impermeable sub-straight so that it won't swell and crack when it gets wet. And it can be very difficult to replace chips and cracks if you, if you do drop something very heavy or sharp on it. You know, wood can be easily repaired; laminate is not so easy to repair. You have to take out an entire section and replace it.