Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm here to show you how to use a wet-dry vac. When you buy your frost, first home, buy a wet-dry vac. They are awesome. My dad has always had one and I've always gone to his house every time I want to wash my car because number one, they're great for vacuuming out your car. If you have a Jeep or something like that, or liquids that spilled in your car, the wet-dry vac's awesome 'cause you can suck up water, liquid, anything. It's really powerful. I would say it could probably almost skin a cat, and not that you should do that with it, but, I mean, I'm just sayin', it's really powerful. This one is on wheels so it's easy to pull around. You never want to pull it around by the hose. I've learned this the hard way. This will tip it over, the top will fall off and all of the dirt, water, whatever is in the reservoir is going to spill everywhere. So don't pull it around by the hose, pull it around by the body of it. This one comes with this handy little handle. It's great to have around the house. You spill a glass of wine in the kitchen, you can suck up the glass and the wine and everything with it. You don't have to change it to a different setting if you're going to be sucking up water or something dry. It's the same setting all the way through. Make sure the chord doesn't sit in water 'cause you know, you still need to be a little precaut, you know, take some precautions. And it's also great if you've got a fireplace and you want to suck all the ashes outta your fireplace. You can suck up wood chips, everything. You can use it just to vacuum your floors. They come with several different attachments. If you have water damage or flood damage in your home, this is what the professionals are going to bring in you know, to start gettin' rid of the water. They're going to first try to suck it up with a wet dry vac. If you have snow on your front steps, you can suck it up with a wet-dry vac. If you have a clogged drain, a wet-dry vac has a setting where you can put it on blow and you can stick it down as far as you can into the drain, turn it on to where it's blowing the air out and it'll unclog a drain. These things are so powerful and they're a great investment. They last for years and years and years and years if you get a good brand, and they're awesome. There are so many ways you can use 'em. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you use a wet-dry vac.