Video transcription

Hi I'm Dan Stringfield, I'm with Twiggs Bakery here in San Diego, I'm going to do a quick little demonstration on how to do a wedding towel cake. Now a wedding towel cake is not actually a cake, it's really for a bridal shower. And we're going to take some towels that will be gifts to the bride and groom, and sort of form them to make them look like a little wedding cake. So it's really great if you use a towel that has some sort of pattern or some sort of interest like this one. So we're going to start off with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two fingertip towels. Here we're going to take the bath towel, and we're going to fold it in quarters. And do that with both of them. Then we're just going to start rolling it up, and when you do this you don't want to do this real tightly, then when you get to the end, just got to use a couple of pins, pin these towels together. So once you have them pin together then just keep rolling. Then when you get to the very end just use some pins again in the back, just to pin it so it doesn't unravel. Okay now we're going to do the exact same thing with the other sets of towels. Okay, so that's our wedding towel cake, now we can just take some flowers, and sort of fluff it up. Make it look a little nicer, then if you want you just stick some flowers in it. If you want it's a nice little touch it's just to put little silk flowers encircling the bottom. Now these flowers I bought at just a flower supply shop, but they were like twenty bucks for the whole thing. So you don't have to spend a fortune on your little wedding towel cake. So voila they're showing a wedding a towel cake. So another option if you don't want silk flowers or whatever, there's a lot of these parties have sort of a theme. Say the theme of your bridal shower is kitchen utensils, so we're going to give the bride a whisk. So when we fold our top tier up we're just going to roll the whisk up inside the cake, or inside the little towel at the top here of the towel. Boom that becomes the top tier of our cake, and if you want to you can go back and put your flowers back in, whoops, so it makes it a little more decorative. That's really just a fun thing, just whatever your imagination is for whatever you want to do. Becomes a nice little decorations for the center of the table.