Video transcription

Hi I'm Tom here at Best Buy and I am going to talk to you today about how to clean a touch screen computer. If you happen to have one of these tablet pc's that allow you to rotate the screen and use it as a touch screen you are going to notice that you are going to get a lot of fingerprints all over the screen and smudges. The easiest way to clean this is to pick up some lcd cleaning solution. It is going to look something like this and it is going to allow you to spray some solution on to the screen and wipe it away with a cleaning pad. Now you want to make sure that the cleaning solution that you pick up does say lcd because you don't want to have any alcohol in it which could damage the screen. Also make sure that you don't use any common household cleaning products like Windex or water because those could also damage the screen. Now most of these solutions will also come with some sort of nonabrasive cleaning cloth for you to use. If it doesn't make sure that you pick up one or you can use something such as an eyeglass cleaning cloth as well. For more information or more tech tips pleas visit one of our stores or go online to