Video transcription

Hi my name is Izabella and now I"m going to show you how to embed YouTube videos in your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint is a great software with the help of it you can create presentations by embedding some photos or videos in your presentation. You can make it more dynamic and alive and more interactive. As the first step, create a slideshow in program PowerPoint. OK here we here. And now visit the website Here select the video that you prefer and that you would like to embed on your presentation. After you have selected it, copy that URL of the video and we'll go back to the presentation, OK? Here you have to paste the link and now take care and look what I'm doing. We have to delete that watch and the question mark and instead of the equal sign, we put a slash. After these modifications click on view, toolbars and control toolbox. Now select ShockWave Flash Object, click on it. And create a big rectangle where you would like that video to appear later. OK now right mouse click, select properties. As you can see on the left hand side of the screen, the window properties appear. Now copy the link and paste it in the line of the movie. OK after that, go to embed movie and set it to true. Now click once on the rectangle and push the button F5. And now you can see the video is embedded in the slideshow in the presentation and it's working as well.