Video transcription

What is lyrical dance? Lyrical dancing is a dance form that fuses modern ballet and jazz techniques together. Often times the dancer is extremely emotionally connected to these pieces. It may involve spoken word or music which will tell a story through the dancers facial as well as body movements. Lyrical dance form as become a very very popular dance form through shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance". Often times lyrical dancing doesn't focus so much as on a dancer's physique as it does their amazing technique and strength. A dancer must be very well versed in ballet, jazz and modern dance forms to be a truly good lyrical dancer. They also must be really connected with their emotional side as their facial expressions are one of the most important parts in conveying as lyrical dance piece. Dancers in lyrical dance often times will also do a lot of partnering work which involves many lifts and floor combinations which are very demanding on a dancer's body. Lyrical dance is one of the most popular dance forms right now in the year 2009.