Video transcription

How to dance the Charleston. The Charleston is a dance form that originated in the roaring twenty's. There's several different versions of it and I will show you one today. Keep in mind that this step can be done with or without a partner. Starting on your right foot you're going to take one step forward, touch your left foot, step back on the left and touch your right. Step front and touch, step back and touch. After you've completed this with ease then you want to start turning your feet in and out in the process of that... and out... and out. It's a little twisting move on the balls of your feet... and out... and out. When that becomes more comfortable, you can also start to pick your knees up in the process of it... in out... back up... in up... back up... thinking of keeping your knees close together... being that the women back then had dresses that didn't allow them to have as much freedom of movement. There's also a Charleston step that involves a little kick. Stepping front on one foot, kick the other forward, step back on that foot, and touch it back, swinging the arms. Step and kick and step and back. Step and kick and step and back. This is just one version of the many different forms of Charleston steps.