Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Video transcription

I'm going to show you some exercises that's going to help with back pain. Usually in my line of work and experience, I find that lower back pain can come from weak abdominals, sometimes they haven't been worked enough. This is something very basic that I like to do with people. We're just going to make sure we have an oblong yoga ball, and what we're going to do, stretching arms over, all our weight in our heels. We're just going to do tiny crunches, making sure that backs supported. So all that air out. And stretch. All that air out, and stretch. When you're working with people that do have back pain, you want to make sure that they're supported well. So sometimes I like to hold onto the ball until they get the hang of it. Another exercise I like to do with the yoga ball, is I like to have them lay down with knees up. And we're just going to reach up for that nice, small crunch, not bringing our shoulders up too far. This is going to support the back while they are working abdominals and stretching. So, in my opinion, I would never do exercises with people that do have low back pain. I would like to make sure that they check with a physician first. But these are good stretches. These are something that are going to help build up the abdominals. That's usually where our sources of pain do come from with lower back.

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