Video transcription

Whenever myself or a client comes up with a pulled groin muscle, the first thing that I need to clarify is if it's pulled or it's actually ripped. Always consult a physician first. Secondly if it isn't ripped and it indeed is pulled, one thing I like to avoid is any pushing movements or pulling movements. Walking on the treadmill to stretch out is fine, even some floor exercises lightly stretching. Cold showers, ice, ice packs are great modalities that you can use along with that. Just time, rest and relaxation. The best way to treat a groin muscle is going to be to relax, take your time with everything, never too strenuous of walking, too strenuous of pulling or pushing. So remember, you should always consult a physician when you have pulled a groin muscle or any muscle for that fact just to make sure the severity isn't a ripped muscle, it indeed is pulled and take time to relax, no pulling or pushing, lots of rest.