Video transcription

In this clip, I'm going to demonstrate some stretches you can do for some hip pain. Again, just like with the feet, if it's too much pain associated with it, what you're going to want to do is consult your physician first. If it feels muscular, this stretch should help out a lot. All you're going to do is lie flat on your back, keep your knees bent. Assuming it's your left hip in this example, your going to take your left foot, cross it over your right leg. Reach between your legs and grabbing onto the right leg, you're just going to pull both legs up towards you as far as you can control it without any added pain. Nice deep breath, relaxing and hold for about 10 to 15 seconds. And relax your legs down. If that makes it better, we can do it a second time too, which should make it a little better still. If that made it any worse, make it a point to consult your physician. Now, we'll go into it a second time. Reach right through and pull in. What we're doing here is resting, stretching the resting leg of the muscle. And by coming in a little bit further each time, you should be able to alleviate that pain. As a second option to stretch out your hip, you can actually do it standing, as well. That same concept, we're going to assume it's the left leg this time. Just in case you need the balance, you can stand against the wall, holding on with that right hand. You're going to bring your left foot right up on top of right leg, and just sit right down into it. This time, you're going to have a little gravity on your side to get a little deeper stretch. And again, assuming it's not more pain than just a muscular tightness, this would get you a much deeper stretch and should feel a whole lot better. And you can just stand right up and relax down. I hope that helps out.