Video transcription

Today I'm going to show you how to make a palm tree. What you'll need is sections of newspaper. I've cut some strips out of paper bags and then green for your leaves. And what I did, I folded cardboard, card stock green in to four and cut out. I've already done the tree but cut out, at a diagonal, off of your square so you get the length of it. And then what you need to do on your leaves, I've already done the first three, is just kind of give them some edges. Do it at a diagonal. Doesn't have to go all the way in but you want to do that so you have some dimension to your leaves for the top. Then give it a little bit of a fold. So to get started on the palm tree, what do is take sections of newspaper and I'd start with the first one and I'll just start rolling it up. And you keep overlapping when you get about half way. Roll it up. Get your next section. Kind of line it up. What I like to try to do, see how I have the fold of the newspaper here, get it going on the other side. This will give it a little bit better strength. And, obviously, what your going to do is, depending on the size, the height is how big you would be rolling up your newspaper. And these few tabs that are out here, what I'm going to do is just kind of tape them down so the stay. So that's the main part of the palm tree. So now what you do is you reach inside and you just telescope it out for what you want for height. And if you have some extra flaps, you can tape those down a little bit just to secure it better. Now taking the brown paper, I'm going to do it at a diagonal. Kind of tuck this on the inside and just roll this around to get it started. Then I would put a little piece of tape there to secure it. And then I would start my next one. And I'm going to tuck this down inside. So now that we've finished our main stock here, we're going to take our leaves, and I've made some little bigger leaves. I used smaller ones earlier to demonstrate. I'm going to crease this a little bit. I kind of made it longer so it would be easier to get in the hole. We going to insert this in. Making sure it stays a little bit, we'll try to get a little piece of tape in there to secure it. Going to turn it and insert this one in. Okay. So these are going to get all tucked in there. And what you can do is give it a bit of a bend because sometimes the leaves are going to do that naturally. Okay, so after you've adjusted them, make them look a little more nature. You could use this as a table decoration, parties or just fun vacation idea. Aloha! Have a good day.