Video transcription

Paper fortune teller. It'll be lots of fun. Taking your paper, a square, and it could be a plain paper but sometimes I like to use color. You're going to fold it point-to-point so you get a diagonal and you're going to fold it the other way. So you have an X in the middle of your paper. Open it up. So then what you're going to do is fold it to the point, crease it, please make sure you have your creases very, very strong. And once I've established a crease I like to hold it down with my thumb, line up that corner, bring it down and crease it. Holding that one down, you'll do this in all four corners. Okay, turn it over and you fold it the same way to the other side. All four corners, bringing them into the center, making sure your creases are nice and strong. There you go. Now I bring this up and fold it in half just to make sure my inside is remaining nice and strong for creases, turn it and fold it in a rectangle the other way. Now in using it in color paper is kind of a fun thing, give you a side on this for your fortune teller you could use this as a party favor, put a little tape, actually no stand it up like this and you could put little mints and nuts in there that would be a fun party favor. But for our purposes you put your hand underneath here, pick them up like this, you write little colors on the side if you've never played the game let's say this is red and you go like this, you go r-e-d, and then on the inside you have numbers, put the numbers and you might go 1-2-3-4, and then you might have them do it a second time and then whatever number they pick you pick it up and you write their fortune in here. Hope you've had a great time, a nice fun thing to do on a rainy day. Thanks for having me.