Video transcription

Today I'm going to show you how to make a paper car. What you're going to need is some really strong or substantial cardboard. This is just the backing of tissue paper, you can use a cereal box or you can have heavier construction paper kind of a thing. To start off what you need is your basic shape of a car and you could make the one, put it down and trace around it and then you would have the two pieces. I just wanted to show you here on the red paper so that you can see that. You would two pieces. But I'm not going to be using the red one, I'm using the other piece that I constructed here. So to get this started I decided how wide I wanted the paper car and I took some paper and I folded it in half just so it would be a little more pliable, you still could use this kind of a thing, but you need one long strip, couple strips actually. Now to decide how long or how to make your folds, I take and make marks on my paper and I follow the edge of the car. So I'm going to need that here, I'm going to need this one here and I'm going to need this one. You just follow all your marks. Now this first mark that I've made, I know I've got to crease it this way so you just follow the edge of your car and the next one's going to fold that way to so this would come around the car just like this. Now this one I don't want to fold the same way, this is an opposite fold because you see how the car is coming up some? So I'm going to crease it the other way. So that's basically the summation of how I just make my little marks and make my folds and eventually this entire car would be covered around. Now to put on the backside, I have to make sure I have it going the same way so I'm going to line this up, you see how that's off? So I know that's wrong. So I know this is the correct way that's going to match. So I'm going to take this piece and bring it around to the backside and I chose to run the whole length of the car under the wheels to make it sturdier and so what you're going to to do is precut your pieces and line it up and try to go exactly halfway on either side, if you have to trim it up a little bit you can do that. And probably you would want to do it more in clear tape so it doesn't show as much. But once this gets all attached, my suggestion to you also is to secure your wheels so you would put a piece of tape here and bring that around. And eventually you'll have your little car, a little paper car. You could take pictures of you and the family and put them in here, glue them in on the side and try it without your windows because then it would become pretty weak so I would suggest, I just wanted to show you that is a possibility. But here's your car, put little headlights, little wheels, hubcaps. Have a good time, thanks.