Video transcription

I'm going to show you how to make a three dimensional paper globe. It is hard to believe but we'll make it from a flat piece of paper. Now what you can do is go on the internet and look for a 3 D paper globe print out and get it from there. You could also go to stores and prebuy things like that but what we have done is just for better viewing have it without, without the colors and all the continents so what you would do is cut these out individually and as you can see there is tabs in here and where the solid lines are is where you will be doing your cutting. Any of the dash lines that is going to represent your folds, also along your segments here. So after they are cut out you are going to, here is a cut out one here and we have also got pieces of Scotch tape on there and what I am going to do is put some tape on these three little tabs here and have your sticky side up because you are going to have to be taping it on the inside so the sticky side is going to the back of the glove pieces like that and then one more and one more down here. So what you are going to be doing is you have prefolded these and this will be of course after you have cut out and you'll see this also had a hole in the center and that is going to help it go together better and you just line that up and press, do it from this side here so bring it in and line up your folds, make sure they are lined up up here and just press your tape. Now that is exactly what we did with this and you'll notice that this has four tabs, one, two, three, four and this one has four tabs. Now I have to finish folding the crease here and you might have to guide it a little bit. I probably should have done this before I finished it off in the glove, almost ready, that one looks ready. Now what you are going to do is a couple different ways, for our purposes we are going to tape, probably could use glue if you have got some nice khaki glue and get that on all your tabs and make sure they are all bending in and what you are going to do obviously you can't do tab to tab so you have got to, it is almost like you are interlocking it and hold it and run a Scotch tape across this. This would once again probably be little bit better for glue and this is tucked in and this one is going in this way and hold it and we'll do one more tape here. There you go. Obviously there would be more pieces to it, something like a little stand to hold your globe for turning it around and stuff so in your adventure, hope you had a great day and thanks for trying it. Bye.