Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Larry Klein, and I'm a dentist here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today we're going to be talking a little bit about tooth abscesses, and which antibiotics you should take. It really depends on the individual, so it really needs to be addressed by the dentist, and you need to go and get a check up, make sure that you are having, what type of abscess you're having. The types of antibiotics available, you got anywhere from Penicillin based, Arithromicin based, Cephalosporins etcetera. Probably the most common one, if you're not allergic to it, would be a Penicillin base. So something like Amoxicillin, is probably the best one for most people, if you're not allergic to it. Most of the time, I would definitely avoid, any old medications, that you may have hiding in the cupboard. Like Aunt Jane's old medicine that she had, because most of the time, it's either outdated, or it's not the right one for you. So if you have any questions about which antibiotics to take, definitely see your dentist, get it prescribed from him, and take it as directed.