Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Larry Klein, and I'm a dentist here in St. Petersburg, Florida. We're going to talk a little bit about the signs of an abscessed tooth. How you can determine if you have something going on like that. A lot of times, the first signal that you're going to get, is simply pain. Okay, things that when the nerve dies like that, in your tooth, it causes pain to basically tell you, somethings going wrong. Another symptom, or another sign that you can see, sometimes you'll get a little bubble, on the inside part of your gum, right by the side of the tooth. It can be almost like a little, white pimple. Basically, that's an abscess that's formed, and it's basically a fistulous track, that's basically trying to release the pressure of the localized infection. Another sign that you may have an abscess, a lot of sensitivity to hot, and cold. Okay, you have something hot, and cold, and you get this pain. Usually the pain is not a quick pain, it's a long, dull ache. So, a lot of times also, if you go to bed, especially if you're laying down, and you get to throbbing, almost feels like your heart beat is up in your chin, or your chest, I mean, up in your teeth, that is a sign sometimes of a dental abscess. So if you have questions about a dental abscesses, or dentistry in general, feel free to give me a call. I am Larry Klein. Here in St. Petersburg, where a smile is contagious.