Video transcription

Okay, here's a DirectTV receiver. This happens to be a high definition receiver. And, we're going to explain how to hook it up to a VCR. This VCR is not your standard VCR. It has a DVD recorder built in, so you can hook it up to that, also. There's line level inputs here, on a DVD recorder, and also takes line levels for the VCR. But you can use your standard RF or coaxial input connection to send a signal from the satellite receiver into the VCR or DVD recorder. This is one of Sony's...this is actually Sony's best. It has a DVD recorder on one side, and a VCR recorder on the other side. Okay, here's the back of the DVD recorder, here, and here's the back of the satellite receiver, here. These are all outputs on the satellite receiver, there's no inputs. So you can come right out of the audio-video outputs and go right into the audio-video inputs on the DVD or VCR recorder. There is no RF output, so you can't hook up the RF output to this receiver, this satellite receiver. Because it's a high definition satellite receiver, they don't provide for RF outputs, but you'll get the best quality outputs through these composite outputs, or this S-video output going into this DVD recorder. I don't...the cables look like this, here, and have high quality, gold plated cables will give you your best possible contact and signal transfer between the two units.