Problems tuning a Ferguson digital TV receiver

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The Ferguson digital TV receiver can pick up more than 100 digital television and radio stations from the UK's Freeview service when properly installed and tuned. If you're having trouble tuning the Ferguson digital TV receiver and missing some or all of the available Freeview channels, check your TV aerial, coaxial cable and all cable connections between the receiver and the TV aerial.

TV aerial

Any digital television receiver is only as good as the aerial to which it is connected, and using the wrong aerial type or one that is too small to collect sufficient signal will lead to reception problems when you try to tune the Ferguson receiver. Unless you live within a 5 to 10 miles of a main TV transmitter, you'll need a loft-mounted or external aerial rather than a set-top aerial. You'll also need a UHF aerial of the correct band type for the local transmitter. To ensure you have the right aerial type and size installed, check an online UK TV reception guide (see Resources).

Coaxial cable

A run of double-screened, digital-grade coaxial cable should connect the Ferguson digital TV receiver to the aerial. Old or damaged coaxial cable can result in signal loss, which may prevent the receiver from tuning successfully. Visually inspect the cable run and look for sharp kinks, fraying or splits in the cable. If you spot any damage, you'll need to replace the entire length of cable. Splitting the signal from the aerial to multiple TV sets reduces the signal level of each feed. If you need to split the aerial signal, consider installing a distribution amplifier to reduce signal loss.

Cable connections

The coaxial cable connects to the aerial and the Ferguson digital receiver with a metal connector screwed or crimped on to the cable-ends. Loose cable connections can result in complete or partial signal loss, so ensure that all connectors are tightly screwed or crimped on to the cable, and that the connectors are pushed into the output socket on the aerial and the input socket on the Ferguson digital TV receiver.

Tuning the receiver

After checking the aerial, coaxial cable and connectors try tuning the receiver again to see if it finds and stores the Freeview stations available from your local transmitter. To tune the receiver, press the "Menu" button on the remote control handset to launch the on-screen menu. Highlight and select "System Setup" and press the "OK" button. Select "Channel Setup" followed by "Channel Tuning" and then "Full Scan." Wait a few minutes for the receiver to scan the entire UHF waveband. If the tune is successful, the digital TV and radio stations appear listed on the screen. Press the "Menu" button again to exit the tuning menu. You can now access each channel from the receiver's on-screen electronic programme guide.

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