Video transcription

If you want to transfer your home movies, your old VHS tapes to DVD there are several ways to do it. What you will need is 1) a VCR, take your VCR, connect it to your computer using RCA cables. You may need a special video card to be able to connect your VCR to your computer and with an ending program such as Windows Media Maker or Vegas or any Adobe like Adobe Premiere you can capture, you can actually capture that video and then author it out to a DVD. So if you take your VCR, as you can see in the back of your VCR you have several input and output options depending on how old your VCR is. This particular VCR happens to have RCA connections for video as well as for audio. Some VCR's will have an S video out in which you can actually connect an S video cable into your video card and capture it directly into your computer. Now there are some combos out there now that actually you can take your VCR tape and play it while recording it on to your DVD and that would be the simplest way to record your VHC tapes to a DVD.