Video transcription

How do I spray my pear tree? This is Richard Skinner at Hawkin's Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida. You're spraying for several reasons. Number one is of course for insects. That would be during the growing season or during the time you've got plenty of leaves on your tree. When it's bare and you've got a little mold or a little moss type things growing on your tree, that's a good time to spray for those and you want to use copper fungicide. That will knock off any of your growth on the bark and keep the tree in a healthier position. You do that in the winter. In the summer, if it gets, if you get a lot of rain and the tree is not really performing good, chances are pretty good your roots have got a little bit of root fungus, so again copper is a good fungicide to use, also diathane is a good fungicide to use and you can even mix those. Now how do I spray it if it's in the summer? Well, if you've just got a single tree, a little hand pump sprayer and just coat the leaves real good, the bark around the base of the tree real good and that will usually take care of minor problems, especially brown spot which gets on the leaves. Let's suppose that you've got real, real wet time, we'll spray heavily on the bark and around the base of the tree as well as the leaves. You can over pesticide but you can't over fungicide. So just guide yourself so to speak accordingly. Now one other thing I'll mention, when you're doing fungicide, you want to do it at 10 day intervals and usually 3 applications is the prescribed method. So in other words I would spray it today, I would wait 10 days, spray it again, wait 10 days, spray it again. Equally the same amount on each spray. That way the tree absorbs all of that fungicide and keeps your fungi from developing. If it's insects, a good pesticidal soap is something that can be used and knocked down a lot of the insects and you won't be putting strong chemicals in your fruit so to speak. I'm a great advocate of that. Nemol is another thing that you can use to control your insects that is an organic and doesn't get into the life flow of the tree. This is Richard Skinner, Hawkin's Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida, how to spray your pear tree.