Video transcription

This is a wireless condenser microphone. Well, you may ask how does this thing work? There are no wires attached and it still gets a signal where it needs to go. Well the way a wireless microphone works is the very same way initially as to how a regular condenser microphone works. Sound comes in through the top, there are two plates that are together which vibrate close and far apart creating positive and negative discharge capacitance. So that creates a signal. Once you have a signal that comes into the mic that's where the fun begins. We have a forty-eight volt transmitter, okay? And then we have a receiver at the other end. The transmitter will send the signal via frequency through the carrier and the crystal displayer crystal will actually pick up that frequency and will take that frequency in converting it to its signal at the receiving end. So if you even wanted to know how a wireless microphone works, now you know. Input, output, into the transmitter, to the receiver, and there's your signal.