Video transcription

Alright, in this clip we're going to demonstrate how to bring a vehicle to a complete stop. In the event of an emergency hydraulic brake system failure. It's important to know that you can still stop a vehicle. Even though you don't have any brakes. By one, using the inertia of the engine. By selecting lower gears. And two, your emergency brake or your hand brake still works. It's still mechanical, mechanically operated. You can still bring a vehicle to a stop safely. And I'll show you how. In the event of a complete hydraulic system failure. And your brake pedal doesn't work at all, whatsoever. In a manual transmission, you can still easily slow the car down. If you're going at a fairly high rate of speed. Just grab the next lowest gear. Disengage the clutch. Let the engine slow the vehicle down. And then as you get slower. Select the next lowest gear. And as you get slower, select the next gear. You're using the engine inertia to slow the vehicle down. And then once you feel like you've come to a slow enough speed. You can pull off the road a little bit. Put it in first, draw up the clutch. And then use the hand brake to bring the vehicle to a stop.