Video transcription

It's the most famous bird of spring. When you see these guys hopping around in your front lawn, fishing for worms, you know that the warm weather surely must have arrived. I'm Janice Creneti. I've been teaching Environmental Science for twenty years and I'm here today to answer the question, "Where do Robins live"? Robins are song bird species. They are very, very common bird found throughout North America. They're also something that we call a friendly species. That means they are species of animal that's able to live very well in close proximity to humans. So all Robins are very comfortable in forested areas and that's really where they prefer to be. They can also survive quite well in urban and suburban areas. If they can find a patch of grass in which to look for a worm, they're perfectly happy and they're going to do just fine. Robins are a species of bird that are commonly migratory. What that means is that they fly from one area of the country to another area with the change of seasons. Up North when there's snow on the ground, they can be awfully hard to dig for worms; so the Robins will fly to warmer areas where there isn't any snow so they can find food. Robins are a very common species, as they said very hardy found in lots of different environments and certainly one of the most popular birds. I'm Janice Creneti and this is, "Where do Robins live"?