Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson. I'm going to talk to you about the best way to stain a fence. Now, really the most basic way to stain a fence, is to use a roller, and to use a brush. The brush would be used for areas to get in around, such as this lattice work, and getting around the edges of your trim, and then you can do your surfaces with a roller. In this case, we've got a foam roller, but any kind of standard three eighths inch nap roller would work fine, where we can just roll it on. Now, an important thing to remember when you're staining a wood fence, is that you always want to wait at least, about three weeks. Let your wood weather for about three weeks, before you stain it. That allows some of the treating to stabilize, and the moisture content to stabilize in the wood, so that when you stain, you get a much even coat. Otherwise, you might get some patchy look, or some different look to your wood, when you stain it. Now, beyond using just a standard roller and paint brush, you can also get a spray applicator, which looks just like a pump up bug spray or something like that, but they have those they make especially for stain, which allows you to spray it on, or you can use something like an airless or a pump type of sprayer. The sprayer is usually going to be your best way to go, if you have a lot of intricate detail, like this lattice work, or if you have spaced out pickets. For staining something like this privacy fence, where your boards are closer together, then your roller is going to be your best way to go, because it's going to allow you to use the least amount of stain, and get the most coverage, and do it quickly. Whenever you spray on the stain, you end up using a lot extra, so it's usually keep it limited to those areas where you have some spaced out pieces, or a lot of intricate work, like this lattice work, where it's just hard to get in there, or it would be really time consuming, in using a brush, so I'm Tim Gipson, with some best ways to stain a fence.