Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson. I'm going to talk to you about how to put up fence panels. Now, once we have our posts located, and when you're laying out your fence and using fence panels you gotta' determine what size fence panel you're going to have, and that really depends on your perimeter of your property. What you want to do is you want to take measurements of the perimeter of your property and how you're going to be placing your fencing, and then you can divide those up evenly. Now, typical spacing on your paneling is, you know, for for a paneled privacy fence such as this would be about eight feet, but you can see that in variations; anywhere from five foot on center for your post all the way up to eight foot on center for your post. Typically, we do not exceed that for the strength of the fence. So, the good thing about usin' panels is that you can, you can see our two posts here. You can set all your posts, and you know, we just got one section that we're lookin' at here, but then you can build all these panels. And the panels would consist of an upper rail, a lower rail with your fencing boards attached to it. And it's a little bit faster when you can build all these fence panels; you can build em' all the same, you can knock these out and you come out, and then as long as your posts are on center, so if you build eight foot panels then you want your posts on eight foot centers, with the exception being your starting post and your ending post. On your starting post what you're going to do is you're either going to have an overlap such as this, or you're going to go to the edge of the post, so you want that first panel to start either past the post or on the edge of the post and then to this center. Once we have posts and they're all plum and they're all put into the ground what we're going to do is we take this entire panel, and then we will use lag screws to attach it into the posts. And then, you just would put successive panels side by side; each one meeting up and tying into the post where the common seam is. I'm Tim Gipson, and that's how to install fence panels.