Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. People come and ask me all the time about carpenter ant problems within their home and how to find them. Maybe how to identify where the colony is living. Carpenter ants really don't eat wood either but they do hollow out wood for their gallery. So they can cause damage in the home if you're having a problem. Now where you going to look for them? A lot of people don't know the secret and that's what we're here for you today with. Twenty-six years experience, we, we know how to find carpenter ant colonies. At night just before dusk what you want to do is you want to go outside and if you use a flashlight you can find the carpenter ants with your flashlight, and follow the trail. They will always lead directly back to the nest. Now if it's on the outside of a home and you see where they're getting into the home, that's your first key of where they're going to be. So go outside at night, use your flashlight, follow the little ants around and where they enter the home, that's where the nest is going to be. Now how can you get rid of those carpenter ants once you have found them? Well if you look at the wall where you suspect that the carpenter ant damage is, what you might do is you might remove the receptacle outlet that's on the wall and you can use a bait or a dust inside that receptacle outlet to go ahead and kill those carpenter ants. Remember carpenter ants don't actually eat the wood but if you have damage from maybe water or if maybe you've had construction in the past and they've never finished off the area, these are areas that are going to have carpenter ant; ants nesting inside the wall. So go ahead, find those ants. Once you find them make sure you treat them with some sort of a bait or a dust inside the wall and then you can eliminate the problem from there. Remember I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control. We're in Largo, Florida and we're helping you get rid of your carpenter ants.