Video transcription

Hi my name is Christine Holanda. I'm the owner of Lily of the Valley Florist in La Quinta, California and today I'm going to show you how to make a round wedding bouquet. First of all you are going to start with it's kind of a wedding bouquet holder of some sort. There are many different varieties and it comes with a foam that you just soak in water prior to making your arrangement so that it is wet and your flowers can drink water and then you just simply begin by adding the stem kind of in a downward position and you continue to do that all the way around and then you add your secondary flower which can be any of your choice. I have chosen these wonderful fragrant oriental lilies and you just fill in the spaces between the bottom flower whichever one you choose for that. We obviously have chosen red roses for that and you continue all the way around and then you just continue to add flowers to fill in. At the very top put another lily and you just continue to go around until you have the desired effect. Now you also may want to add green into the bottom to crown the whole arrangement and you want to cover the container, I mean cover the holder so that no one can see it and use it to cover your work. This is how you make a round wedding bouquet.