Video transcription

Today, I'm going to show you how to clean your engine. Any all purpose cleaner or degreaser will do just fine, for this job. The first procedure, we're going to be using a hose. You want to make sure you don't direct a hose towards certain electrical parts, like the spark plugs, and the alternator. A little water on them is no big deal, but you really don't want to direct a stream right on them. For this procedure, I'm using a pressure washer. If you don't have access to one, the local car wash has them available, or if you want, you can use a regular garden hose. The first step is to thoroughly wet the engine. Now, with the engine good and wet, it's time to spray the degreaser on. Be generous. Now, with the engine base thoroughly saturated with degreaser or cleaner, let it sit and do it's job. Anywhere from five to ten minutes is good, just don't let it dry. The next step, is to rinse it off. After you've thoroughly rinsed all the cleaner off the engine, it's time to start it up. It's a good idea to start it up, let it run, and let it get nice and hot, and dry off all the water.