Video transcription

my name is David and I'm here to tell you about security on your wireless system. First off, why security is important to have. When you don't have a secured system, people can drive up, especially hackers or anything of that sort or even your next door neighbor can be sitting in their house and if you have wireless network available they can have access to everything on your system. Without having a security code on there, it makes it that much easier. Now, first thing that you want to be able to do is when you get a security, you got to decide do you want it to be in WEP format, which is an alphanumeric type format where you use the letters A through J and 1 through 0. When you do that, you got to make sure that it is something usually you can remember but you don't think anybody else would figure out. So you don't want to use your home address or your initials or things of that sort where it would be very easy for someone driving down the street to be able figure out. Now the other form that you can use is WPA. From there it is a more secure because you can use any letter of the alphabet that you want, but it can also be less secure because a lot of people from there have the tendency to use just their own names. And like, once again if somebody is coming down and they want to steal your information and they see that your network is secure they are a little more likely from my experience to drive on until they find an unsecure network. Now, also there's a few different levels of security you can have within the WEP and I want to show you that now. Now here you see we have a 64 bit encryption key with the WEP. Now this one you can use A through J or 0 through 9. This is a ten digit key or it's also known as a five digit hexidecimal. Which means for every 2 digits is one hexidecimal. So if you have A1 that is one hexidecimal. Next, you have the 128 bit encryption which is 26 digits or 13 hexidecimal and then finally you have a choice of 256 bit encryption which is 29 hexidecimal or 58 digits. Now, here you can see that you have an option to be able to set up 4 different WEP keys here. Now, the only one that you will be able to use is whichever one you have selected here. Like right now I have key number 2 and no way is this actually a key because as you can tell I have letters outside of A through J and there is also spaces. With the WEP keys you cannot have spaces in there. Next I want to show you what a WPA key looks like.