Video transcription

Hey it is Tony, your Mac enthusist just want to show you a little bit now how to change your screen saver. We have already showed you the desk top and now I'm going to show how to actually change your screen saver. It is pretty simple. A lot of times the Mac would come in as default screen saver with something and some people may not like it. So you could simple change it yourself it is very easy. You just go to that blue apple again. Open you system preferences and go to desk top and screen saver but, this time we are going to select screen saver. Here you go. So we have a wide variety here to choose from for a screen saver. We got the beach which is great, we got some cosmos, some forest, the cool thing is you can even choose your picture folder and use that as a screen saver which would kind of shuffle some pictures you have inserted it. Inserted it in the folder. They could be any pictures that you want, anything that you put in there. Whether it is pictures you took your self and upload it with eye photo. You could simple just select that folder and it would work as you screen saver. So you could see your family, your friends, while you are not doing anything, while your computer is just sitting there. So anyways you could also go to choose folder which You just select choose folder and it would open up you know your Mac Os it would show you your desk top, your external drive, and you know everywhere on your computer. So with that you could pretty much select any folder that has pictures in it and it would shuffle the pictures as a screen saver. You could also you know some websites do have available that you can download a screen saver. Whether it would be your favorite movie or you know or whatever. So basically I'm just going to kind of show you how. To set this for your first time Mac user which you got to be very excited about having a Mac so here we go. I select beach. There it is. It shows me a preview in the preview screen. I kind of want to see what it looks like when it really does go to the screen saver so I'm going to hit test. You just click that once and there you go we are now at the beach. Very nice and then you just move your mouse and thats it. It would go back to the screen now. So I have that selected and here you have the start screen saver so it kind of look tells the computer hey we got to put this in screen saver mode. You could do it for 3 minute, 5 minutes. I have it set to never cause I'm always working pretty mush on it so it is pointless for me to have a screen saver when I'm not working on it is usually off so that is your screen saver.