Video transcription

Now we are going to talk about connecting your computer to your TV and doing the dual monitor let say you want to have two monitors to do stuff. So two have two monitors is really simple in this case I have one monitor connected if I wanted a dual monitor all I do is plug in the cable. In my case my video card has this HD in my connectors but to use a standard I need to use this adapter that came with the video card. So for a second monitor all I have to do is put this connector in and connect it right, connect the second monitor right here and I'm set to go. Now if you are going to connect the computer to your TV normally they come with the dongle. Notice right here this one has the red, green, and blue and this one is for component dial the TVs. One thing you should be aware is if you connect the computer to a normal non High definition TV it is going to show scan lines. But, if you have a high def TV you have nothing to worry about it won't look bad. Then there is S video which is another technology and looks good so in the case of my video card to connect my computer to a TV all I do is take this dongle. Connect it right there, then I could choose if I want to connect it using those three or this one. One thing to know if you are going to use it for movies you need to connect the sound. In my case I have a sound card so I will connect it from this connector but, if you have a inter graded you do it from the connector up here. That is how you connect to your TV. One last thing so once you get your monitors second monitor or TV connected you just right click on anywhere on the screen. Go to properties, settings, and right there it would say one and two because in knows that this laptop could do two monitors. So not active because I got nothing connected but, once you if I did it will light up and you could click right here and identify and it says this is the first monitor. It is kind of cool like if I have two monitors connected I could drag something and go off the screen onto the next one. So that is really simple setting up two monitors.