Video transcription

I wanted to give you ladies some more options if you are a mother who has to go back to work right away and you not always able to nurse your baby, this is still a way that you can have really close contact with your child and by doing the best thing for him. I have a couple of different pumps here that I'm going to show you guys today. This one here is a hand pump. It’s kind of a simple hand pump. These are actually very very quite reasonable, but if you are a mother that is going to be on the go and probably gone forty hours a week, I would suggest getting an electric model, which is right here. Basically you can either plug this into the wall or have batteries, you plug it in here. And then you have two of the pumps that you set up on the bottle and just kind of plug in, like so, and you've got two again for both of them, like this and then you are kind of ready to go. Find a quiet cubicle or be open and discuss these things with your boss before you even go back to the job, so they can designate a place with maybe a closed door or an empty office, if not you can just do it quietly in the bathroom or in an empty cubicle. Now it's very important when you do breast pump is you make sure that you get yourself one of these to keep the breast milk stored properly and safe. Get one of these things that you can put in the freezer to keep it nice and cold so there's no bad bacteria growing and then they just kind of fit right in there, and you can even label it and put it in the fridge and have that ready to go, so those are some different solutions you can use for expressing milk and feeding your baby, even when someone else has to be watching them. I just wanted to kind of wrap up with you guys today and discuss a few more situations that you may encounter. Number one if you are going to a restaurant, always try to find a back, out of the way booth. Make sure that you position yourself with your back towards people and then with your inside arm, it is usually very very easy and discreet to breast feed, that would be my tip for that. Also if you are going to the mall, or shopping, especially when you are shopping in the infant section, or in a lot of places like malls, they have actually designated areas that you want to keep your eyes peeled and ask about for nursing mothers. You can usually find it by the bathroom, it's out of the way and there's usually couches or a rocking chair and a changing station in there as well. Just to kind of recap, all these techniques should help you become more comfortable with breast feeding, but really practice makes perfect and when you kind of give up the weirdness about it, everyone else does, too. So be confident, make sure that you make it easy and stress-free and hassle-free to breast feed and you and your child will be happy and healthy.