Video transcription

Okay, now I'll show you how to put the horses head on our stick. The horses head goes onto the stick in a very similar way as we did the safety padding. You want to take a needle and thread it with heavy duty thread. Not a regular thread. You want a nice heavy duty carpet thread or upholstery thread. And put a good sized knot on it and we're going to just sew in and out in the edge of the fabric, about a little more than a quarter inch from the edge of the fabric. And just sew in and out, probably like half inch stitches. Or a little smaller than half inch stitches. Like this. In and out all the way around. And this will be to gather the bottom edge of the horse. Being careful not to get that mane tangled up in your threads. And go all the way around. Okay, now you want to leave the needle attached to the thread. And we'll just let this hang as we put our stick inside. Now the stick needs to be pushed up inside the head of the horse so that the bottom edge of the horses head comes to our groove that we've cut here. Now, I got a little bit too much stuffing in there. So what's helpful is if you pull out a little bit and dig a hole in the center of the stuffing that you have in there until it goes about as far as you want it to go. So just put your hands in the stuffing and wiggle around until you're digging like a little bit of a hole in the middle. It's hard to see but you can feel it. I've got my hand all the way up to here and I put my fingers in and I made like a little bit of a hole. And now I can put my stick with the safety knob up there. And just kind of wiggle it up there and pull down real hard to secure the head like that. Now, you should pull it down to the groove and then you can put some more stuffing in all around the stick. Being careful not to stuff your needle and thread in there also. So just take a little more stuffing and stuff all the way as firm as you want it. All the way around the stick. You want to pad nicely all the way around the stick. You don't want the stick up close to the edge anywhere around. So you want to make sure that the stuffing goes in. And be careful not to stuff your mane inside. Just push that out of the way. And stuff the stuffing all the way around the stick. You want the stuffing rather firm by the neck. It can be firmer here than here. If you'd like to make the nose a little bit softer that's fine. But around the neck area you should stuff it rather firm.