Video transcription

Now I'm going to finish the inside neck and the muzzle of the horse. Start with a back and forth to knot it and a quarter inch seam allowance. When you come to the corner here, you can stop and put the needle in and pivot it. It would be good here to also reinforce this section so you just go back and forth a little bit. That would give it a little extra strength that is a weak point anytime you have a really sharp turn in a stuffed animal. That is a weak point so it is good to do a little reinforcement there. I'm just checking to make sure that, that shifted a little bit here that is likely to happen. I'm just checking to make sure that I'm sewing on both pieces of fabric. When you come to the end you want a little back and forth to knot it there and just trim those threads. Now it is a good idea to just lightly snip this sharp corner area. Just a little bit like mine; don't cut the threads. Don't cut into the seam but put the fabric very close to where the seam is and that would help when you go to turn your horse. Next, we are going to turn the head right side out.