Video transcription

Now when you have everything all pinned together, it is like a little sandwich with the mane inside and facing this way. We are going to sew that together. We are going to do something if you are making the fleecy mane you would do it exactly the same way. You would lay it down and you can either base it on first or you can pin sandwich like this. Sew it all at once making sure that a little bit of it is sticking out a little bit beyond the edge of the horses head. I'm going to start at the nose and we are going to do a quarter inch seam allowance. Just sew with a regular stitch about two and a half length a straight stitch. First, sew up and back a few times just to knot it and then continue around. Now when you come to the mane it going to be rather thick and so you want to be careful that you don't break a needle. Go slowly and carefully as it comes up to the thicker parts it is a little bit harder for your machine. Just go slowly, pull out the pins before you get to them. Just take it nice and slow in those extra thick spots. Go all the way around, you may want to check occasionally look in the back to make sure you are catching both sides of the horses head. In the front and the back, just sometimes your fabric would shift and since we are doing a small seam allowance, it is possible that it might shift off and you will not be catching the bottom one. It is also good to put your hand underneath as you are sewing along; you are feeling that bottom fabric. You can feel rather it is shifting out or not. Just guide that along slowly and pulling out your pins. It is especially important to pull out your pins when you are in thick spots because it is much more likely that a needle can break. When you come down to the bottom, just mash those edges and you want to back up a little bit just to give it a little reinforcement and knot it.