Video transcription

Now I'm going to show you how to make a two-toned poncho. One layer of fabric with some pretty colored trims. What we'll need for this project is two pieces of a coordinating fabric, measuring thirty-six inches by twenty-one inches. I've chosen the dark purple and the light purple. Then you'd want some coordinating colors to, to do the trim. And I've chosen four different coordinating colors in strips of one inch, by about a yard and a half. You'll need some nice sharp scissors, some pins, and a ruler. To begin our two-toned fleece poncho, you want to take your two pieces of thirty-six inch by twenty-one inch fleece fabric and place them together with the wrong sides together. You want the wrong sides together on the inside and then the right side of the fabric will be facing the outside. Okay, you want to place those together, line them up exactly even and together, and then we're going to be cutting a row of fringe right down the side of those two pieces of fabric. So we're going to be cutting a three inch fringe. So you want to measure and mark. I'm marking with some pins. Just put some pins in at three inches all the way along the edge. Okay, and you just put a pin in, place your ruler here, three inches, and just put some pins to mark that all the way down the edge of the two pieces of fleece. Next we're going to cut a fringe. We're going to cut starting at the end here. We're going to cut a three quarter inch fringe all the way to that three inch marking. And you cut this fringe all the way down, along this edge, just one side, cutting through both layers of the fabric. They don't have to be perfectly three inches. You want them to stay in the general ball park. The fleece fabric is very forgiving, and even if you make little mistakes, you're not going to notice it by the time you've knotted the fringe and the fringe kind of flops around anyway. So you don't have to be concerned if your cutting isn't perfectly straight, or you don't go exactly, exactly three inches. Just continue cutting down and do the whole edge, about three inches long and about three quarter inches wide.