Video transcription

There are many ways you can use flowers in decorating your home. We have talked about silks and talked about fresh flowers. I have here a fresh flower basket. It kind of makes it seem like the flowers are growing right in the basket but they truly are placed there. It just adds a beautiful diversification of flowers used. You can use them out of your yard or you can go to a floral shop and put this together. It is considered a one sided arrangement. The back is somewhat bare and just full of greens so this is the kind of arrangement you would want on a side table or your kitchen counter, or on a table against the wall. What I have does is I have taken a regular basket that has a handle and I have taken the green floral foam, soaked it really good and started adding my flowers. I start adding the tall ones first and then work my way down and then at the very end I put the greens in to help disguise the basket a little bit. Then if you have a place where you have a hole where you don't have a flower, you can add a flower very easily by just pushing the flower down into the front. This is a very real easy arrangement. In fact this is one of he first arrangements that most florists start with and that is learning how to do a basket arrangement.