Video transcription

In this kitchen we're going to be putting down wood flooring and we need to calculate how much flooring to buy. The first thing I did was draw up a basic floor plan of the kitchen now my wood floors are going to go in the areas with red they do go below the stove and the fridge but not underneath the cabinetry. What I need to do to calculate the flooring is figure out the square footage so I'm going to break the kitchen up into four different sections. This one will be number one, number two, number three and number four I'm going to go through and measure the width and the length of each section and record the data. So what I done is come up with my four sections I've measured each section and wrote down my measurements on this last one it was 2.5 feet X 2 feet. I've then multiple those two measurements together which gave me my total square footage for each section. Then I'm going to go ahead and add all of those up and that's going to give me 73 square feet. Now it's always good to add about 15% to your materials for waist so I have my materials of 73 square feet, I'm going to add 15% so I'm going to multiple it by 1.15. That's going to give me a total of 83.95 square feet and I might as well rounded right up to 85 square feet.