Video transcription

We are going to talk about copper pipes today, how to work with them, how to cut them, how to sweat them and what I want to show you now is a very important aspect of getting these things together and having them last for a very long time. We have got to clean these pipes and what you want to do is first take your piece of emery cloth. It is something that is called emery cloth and it is available in any hardware store and it is specifically used for plumbing. All you do is take your piece of emery and what we want to do is clean the outside. There is going to be a piece that goes over this. This is a joint. This is what is called an elbow, a 90 degree elbow. That is going to go over this and the solder is going to go between it and make that bond really strong. The thing that is going to make the bond really strong and last for 150 years is how well you prep it to clean it. So you take some of this, wrap it around your finger and just start twisting just like that, look at how nice and clean you got that. Give it another run and there you go. You've got a nice clean surface that is roughed up and ready to receive the flux and the solder. Again this is really important, if you clean it really well and prep it properly it is going to last forever. When you come out I will show you the tricks to cleaning the inside and how to prep the rim. We'll be back.