Video transcription

Now we're going to talk about how to protect your bougainvillea during the winter time. If you live in an area where it freezes or the temperature drops thirty-two or below you're going to have to protect this tropical plant for next year. Cover the root ball with an organic mulch, straw, some people have even used the Styrofoam peanuts. Making sure that during the growing season you take away this mulch or protection. You can cone your bougainvillea with plastic. You can use any common household framing material to create a nice frame around your bougainvillea. Keep in mind if you can put on two layers trapping an area of warm air in between two plastic pieces that will protect your bougainvillea very well for next year. Again, you can protect it with plastic, a frame, burlap, straw, any common household material that you have that would protect your bougainvillea will work very, very well.