Video transcription

Hello my name is Paul Dang we are here on behalf of Expert Village today I will apply tips and then cut them for acrylic. When you apply tip you want to make sure you get each nail to make sure size there are and the size of the nail corresponds to 10-0 and 0 is the largest so this looks like a 9. So we pick out a 9 and apply it okay it is about the right size. When you apply nails make sure you use nail glue, super glue does not work it will lift the nail and you client would have a fungus because of the moisture. When you apply the nails make sure that the fake nails which is the tips is in lined with the real nails so it won't be crooked it when you put it on. Absorb some pressure, hold it for about a minute and then check it I swivel it a little bit and it is on tight. The next nail you have to make sure sometimes people are they use there pencil or some tools that pushes against the nail so it pulls the nail and goes to the left or to the right. You want to make sure that nail is straight and if it does goes to the left you want to put the acyclic nail to the right. So again you apply pressure don't put to much glue to much glue it would leak over to the side of the nail and on to the skin. It will irritate the skin sometimes burns and also sometimes when you put on the acrylic and the glue is over the skin water can get in. You want to avoid having anything that over flows the nail and on to the skin. Again this is tight we just swivel it and that is a example in applying the tips on your real nails.