Video transcription

For your thought process to go a little further, we need to think about what you're going to wear after your spray tan so you come prepared. After you've been spray tanned, you want to make sure that you have something loose fitting and dark in color. Ashley's actually brought the perfect shirt for this. It's dark in color and loose fitting. And then maybe flip flops to wear so you don't have any shoe lines because if you put shoes on immediately after being sprayed, it's definitely going to rub the spray tan off. So loose fitting clothes, dark in color, sun dresses work really well, flip flops are perfect and make sure that you bring that to your session so that you're prepared and ready for after your spray tan. And then you're going to wear this for the next eight to ten hours so make sure it's something that you are OK in public or if you're going to just go home. If its wintertime or cooler weather, sweats work well too but just make sure it's loose fitting, dark in color, this is what you're going to wear after your spray tan. Just come to your session and be prepared for that.