Video transcription

Hi, my name is Kimberly Mann, on behalf of In this segment, we are going to talk about the difference between a male client and a female client. When you are working on a female, of course it is obvious that females are definitely easier to work on than men, because men are more muscular. So when you have a male client, my fellow therapists, if you are just coming out of school, just keep in mind that most male clients you are going to lean a lot heavier, even if they want a Swedish. You are going to get some male clients that cannot take the deep tissue, so keep that in mind guys, that when you are working on male clients that you figure out what they want and how the body reacts. So that is very important, what the male client wants and what the body is telling you are two different things. So go definitely with what the body is telling you, you cannot go wrong. So if what the client wants, the body is not letting, please let the client know that. Now with the women it is the same thing, what the female client wants and what the body is telling you, definitely go with what the body is telling you, because it is tightening up and it does not want that deep tissue. It wants to be long stroked, so please let your clients know that when what they want and what the body is telling you, please let them know that the body is not letting you go deep, because you can bruise them and they can be hurt. Muscle is just like anything else when you bruise yourself. So please keep in mind that when you are getting out of school or just been doing it as long, that you listen to the body and remember the difference between the male and female clients. Lean heavier on the men; if they cannot take it, just lighten up, and the female most times you will always do a medium pressure on them.