Video transcription

today we're going to be learning some basic signs, words, phrases in sign language. In our final clip, I thought we would learn a few colors, so we'll learn yellow, orange, blue, red, and green. What you'll notice about colors is that there's a general spot that you sign for colors either here or just below around the chin area. Let's start off with yellow. A lot of the colors all derive from the alphabet. Fundamentally, the most important thing you can learn in sign language is the alphabet and at least the numbers form 1-10. Let's form the letter Y. Y for yellow. Again, the general space right in here really for signing colors. All you do is you shake it just slightly. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. We move into orange, a little bit different. As I said, over here yellow, or orange underneath the chin almost like you're squeezing an orange. Orange. Just beneath the chin. Orange. Orange. Then we move to blue. Back to the space over here, form the letter B and just shake your hand slightly. Blue. Blue. Blue. Back to red. Remember orange. Orange. Well red is in the same area, but we're pointing to the lips and downward. Red. Red. To signify the redness of our lips. Red. Red. So we have orange and red, yellow, blue, and green of course you want the letter G. Green. Green. Green.