Video transcription

This is an activity that we do with the tens board. I lay out the tens beads so that they're all set and ready to go and then I put a little container next to them. When I'm working with a child I'll say, what do you need to do, to make that, match seventy-five. Then I'll need to put in, one two three four five beads. And then they'll often say, this is seventy-five, this is seventy-five. Then we'll pull out 24. We already have twenty there, what do you need to do to make the 4? One two three four. This is one that usually stumps them. This is thirteen. You already have ten, how many more do you need? It takes them a while to realize, that while this one says 24 it's pretty easy, this one says 13. It's not as easy for them to know. So we help them a little bit and tell them to put three in there. So that is a game that we play with the tens boards. You can just keep going and doing as many numbers as you'd like. One two three four five six. And then when you're done make sure that they help you put it all away.