Video transcription

RICHARD NEIL: So continuing work here on the feet here, I'm going to actually use my feet to work on Sarah's feet by putting my soles, the heels of my feet on the soles of Sarah's feet. And so, I'm sort of walking up and down. Is that okay Sarah? There's something incredibly magical about feet to feet connection. And I can actually almost drive my heel down the sole of her feet. You could do both at the same time if you're balanced and sensitive enough to feel that the pressure is okay. Be always aware of how much pressure you're putting on your partner and make sure that there's no injuries here with the feet, that I'm not actually hurting her rather than helping her. When you feel like you've done this enough, and you could be here for 5 or 10 minutes actually, but I'll come back to the feet, and I'll massage her heel, doing circular motions with my thumb. This actually stimulates the bladder meridian. And then, I'm going, pinching the outside of her feet. It also can be very stimulating. When we return, I'll work on the feet further.