Video transcription

Now I'm going to be showing you our finishing strokes for the back. From the scalp I go back to my Effleurage strokes. Swooping around the sides of the body, this is typically called the butterfly strokes, because of the shape that it makes. Come around the sides, connecting the arms, up the neck. And, I usually try to connect the arms because mostly I move to the arms after the back. It's a good way to connect the other part of the body. Then, when I get down to the lower back, I pull the sheet up, I can move right into my sacral stretch again, and then the lower back stretch, and then, finally, end with compressions. This way you can also evaluate how the muscle tissue has changed since you started. You can see that the muscle tissue is softer and more relaxed. So you know that it's working. Those are the finishing strokes for the back.